My five takeaways from the news:rewired digital journalism conference

On Wednesday I joined scores of journalists from around the world for the news:rewired digital journalism conference organised by the good folks at

As always there were plenty of great speakers, representing organisations including The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Facebook and BuzzFeed, and lots to think about as the digital revolution continues to disrupt and challenge the business of news.

Each of the sessions that took place in London this week are covered in depth on the news:rewired website, but here are the five things I took away from the conference:

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Be honest, how transformative is your organisation’s digital transformation?

This piece by Adam Tinworth for on digital transformation deserves to be read – and re-read again and again – by anyone with even passing involvement in navigating the treacherous waters of the shift from print to digital publishing.

Although many businesses like to talk about how they are transforming their products to meet the needs of digital consumers, how many can genuinely say their strategy moves beyond the addition to, or at worst simply the replication of, what went before?

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