Are staffing levels a barrier to digital innovation in local newsrooms?

As a former local newspaper hack I follow lots of people on Twitter who are still involved in the industry, so yesterday I saw plenty of the #localjournalism hashtag in my feed.

This tweet from Hilary Scott really stood out for me as it chimes with some thoughts I’ve been having recently about the evolution of digital journalism and my time working on a weekly newspaper in Kent.

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A caption featured on Have I Got News For You? My life’s work is now complete

While catching up on Friday’s Have I Got News For You last night I was shocked but very pleasantly surprised when a tongue-in-cheek picture caption I wrote for a story about Hermann Goering was featured on the show.

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Folkestone’s Creative Quarter: Why so negative?

Another month, another set of negative headlines about life for businesses down in the epicentre of Folkestone’s ongoing regeneration, the Creative Quarter.

There was disappointment earlier in March when it emerged the team behind the planned restaurant at the former Earl Grey pub, Max’s House, were pulling out. Reported in the local press as a ‘major setback’, it seems the truth may be rather more banal: that those behind the venture were simply a little too keen to trumpet the news of their plans, Facebook page and all, before pen had even been put to paper on the deal.

I imagine the Creative Foundation, the body behind the multimillion-pound regeneration of Folkestone’s old town, would have preferred the potential tenants to have kept a lower profile and a lid on their ambitious plans until the deal was actually done.

The fact the site in the Old High Street, which has been renovated to a high standard by Thanet-based contractors DJ Ellis, has not now opened as a bar and restaurant is of course a real shame for everyone associated with the area – 0ther businesses in the neighbourhood are keen to create a critical mass of venues and shops to draw in the punters – but it still seems there are some who are worryingly keen to talk the area down.

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That Were The Week That Were: March 13, 2011

Welcome to my weekly round up of some of the things I’ve found interesting or entertaining while aimlessly flitting about on the web during the past seven days.

This week’s highlights include a look at the ongoing battle between journalists and the PR world, thoughts on the future of statistics in professional sport, some shock news following Arsenal’s elimination from the Champions League and a mother’s reaction on finding out her son is being stalked.

So, without delaying for a second longer, here…we…go…

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