That Were The Week That Were: February 20, 2011

Welcome once again to my weekly review of some of the bits and pieces I’ve found interesting or entertaining online during the past seven days.

This week I’ve started a blog featuring photographs I’ve been taking. Not quite sure why, because I’m not exactly a natural with the camera and really have no clue what I’m doing, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. It’s also fun, which is kinda the point.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. This week’s highlights include an example of why you should never work with children and animals, the story of a man who changed the world of football forever and a fine example of why editors should check pages before sending them to press.

So, without delaying a second longer, here…we…go…

Links of the week:

First up this week is a piece from Time which recounts the story of how Jean-Marc Bosman, a little-known Belgian footballer, changed the transfer market forever and ushered in the era of huge salaries in the game. Sadly for Bosman he wasn’t able to profit from the revolution he created.

The big news from Westminster this week was the arrival of the newest member of the Downing Street staff: Larry the four-year-old tabby brought in to deal with rodent population of Number 10. Unfortunately for reporter Lucy Manning, it seems Larry isn’t too keen on political hacks, as this clip proves.

Twitter really does seem to be the Marmite of the world of social networking. Those not bitten by the bug just don’t get it, while the rest of us soon find we can’t live without it. Journalists are still working out how to make it work in the newsroom, and in this piece one reporter explains how they went from sceptic to a believer in the power of 140 characters to change the way journalists work.

Tweet of the week:

There was only one choice for TOTW this week. Here Brentwood Gazette editor Nev Wilson, a fellow Man of Kent and a contemporary from my days in Newcastle, perfectly illustrates how a keen eye when proofing pages can save you a lot of embarrassment:!/NevWilson/status/37454995506864128

And finally:

Mmmm, soup weather.


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