That Were The Week That Were: February 13, 2011

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly round-up of things I’ve seen while stumbling around on the internet in the last seven days.

The concept really is as simple as that (and barely more exciting, the more critical among you may opine) but who knows, maybe you might just find something informative or entertaining contained herein.

So, without dilly-dallying a second longer, here…we…go…

Links of the week:

Starting off this week with a serious look at the year ahead for the local newspaper industry from Peter Sands, a former director of Press Association Training and editor of The Northern Echo. In this thought-provoking piece for InPublishing he outlines a vision of how local journalism will have to adapt if it’s to survive and thrive in the decade ahead. Management change and smaller margins? Well, I guess we’ll see about that…

Next up it’s everyone’s favourite handbag-wielding vigilante. Take a bow Ann Timson, the diminutive pensioner who became something of a national hero after she foiled a robbery at a jewellery shop in Northampton. I preferred the story before the crime-fighting granny was unmasked by the tabloids, so here’s the video on The Guardian website at the time when she remained an anonymous heroine and the scourge of crooks and blaggers everywhere.

I wasn’t aware of this website about Folkestone’s role in the First World War until I saw a link to it tweeted by the town’s MP Damian Collins. It’s a wonderful way of remembering our part in those dark times, when millions of men, my great-grandfather included, passed through Folkestone on their way to the Western Front. It seems the site, like the campaign to mark the centenary of the outbreak of war, is a work in progress, but anyone with an interest in the history of that period and the town of Folkestone would do well to have a look.

Tweet of the week:

It’s quite hard to decide which of this chap’s tweets is the best in any given hour, day or week. Thom Morris writes for the KM in Ashford, but I’m not too fussed about that. His tweets, however, are the work of a man straddling what appears to be the thin line between comedy genius and the ravings of a madman – producing an insight into his mind which is both amusing and slightly disturbing. Oh, and he’s trying to tweet 3,600 times in 36 days for Comic Relief, so give him a follow and enjoy more of these random insights into the world of Thom:!/ThomMorris/status/35257022354034688

And finally:

Monday was a glorious spring-like day which, along with the ever-lightening evenings, put a noticeable bounce in the stride and turned thoughts towards summer. But how cruel and fickle the weather can be, for it soon turned chilly once more – making the lesson of this Buffalo native, as recounted by America’s finest news source The Onion, all the more timely.

So stay wrapped up warm folks, and I shall see you for more of the same next week.


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