Lib Dems tackling obesity one step at a time…

Let there be no doubt that the Liberal Democrats are serious about tackling Britain’s obesity crisis, which has today left almost one in four of us clinically obese.

Last summer Liberal Democrat health minister Paul Burstow, commenting on the dramatic increase in obesity-related procedures carried out on the NHS, took the opportunity to attack the previous Labour administration for allowing the nation’s waistlines to expand at such an alarming rate.

“Obesity is a serious issue in this country,” he said gravely. “Over the last 13 years we’ve become the country with the highest rate of obesity in the whole of Europe.

“We are committed to a real drive to consistently deliver public health messages about changes in lifestyles that people can make, both in diet and exercise, that can significantly reduce the need for these procedures.”

Well, I’m not sure if this noble message has filtered down to the grassroots, and more specifically the Lib Dems in Shepway, because yesterday evening I came home to find a very different lifestyle message had landed on the mat, tucked away inside their Folkestone Focus newsletter.

Yes, what better way to tackle this grave national crisis than by helpfully including a menu from a local pizza shop with your promotional literature? Free cheesy garlic bread with every order over £15? Just the thing to help the country get back into shape.

On a separate note: the ever-informative newsletter reminds voters in Folkestone and Hythe that, in electoral terms, “it’s Lib Dem or Conservative here”. Indeed, but in Westminster you get two for the price of one. Now there’s a special offer to put free cheesy garlic bread in the shade.


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