That Were The Week That Were: February 6, 2011

So I promised February would be the month when I gave this blog a shot in the arm and started posting a bit more regularly, and this is one of the ways I’m going to make it happen. A run-down of things I’ve enjoyed online this week.

No, it’s not exactly the most original idea I’ve ever had, but yes, I do spend a bit too much time online (all in the name of work, of course), so why not share some of the more informative, amusing or downright bizarre things I’ve stumbled across during the last seven days.

So, without any further ado, here…we…go…

Links of the week:

A question for you. Did you know that the Russians have decided to close the ‘chicken gap’ and clamp down on the import of dark meat from the US? I didn’t think so, but you do now. In this blog post at, food writer Josh Ozersky explains why we should turn our backs on breast and embrace the gamier meat of the legs and thighs. Oh, and by the way, put me down for an advance copy of his biography of Colonel Sanders.

Moving a little closer to home, I have to share this pic from my colleague Chris Williams. He, with the help of all the team at the Crawley News, put together this cracking front page to mark the town’s club drawing Manchester United away in the FA Cup. Great story, great splash. Well done chaps.

After a rather horrendous Christmas break, which saw my trip to California for the holidays thrown into disarray by the (three inches) of snow at Heathrow, anything that makes air travel more amusing is welcome in these parts. This list of the strangest requests made to Virgin cabin crew doesn’t disappoint. Turning the engines off mid-flight, anyone?

Tweet of the week:

The big news on our patch this week was the decision by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to close down its Sandwich research and development site, with the loss of 2,400 jobs over the next 18 months. This tweet from the guys at the Kent branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England summed up the thoughts of many people in the immediate aftermath of the announcement:!/ProtectKent/status/32442501881135105

And finally:

In the week which saw a man with just 11 Premier League goals this season bought for a ridiculous fee of £35 million, trust the guys at The Daily Mash to remind us of the increasing disconnect between the fan in the stands and idea of what it means to be a football club in the era of Russian oligarchs and Americans with more money than sense. It all reminds me why I prefer to get my kicks in the Ryman League.

See you for more of the same next week.


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